Plastered hidden Isis

klepsisiosAlso on page 77r, paragraph C, the word « chlchpsheey » can be read as « kleipsisi9 » κλεψ-ισιος. Κλεψ(ι) comes from the verb κλεπτω – to steal, but also to conceal. Ισις can be the goddess Ισις, a plant, a plaster or the name given by Pythagoras to the number 2.

Is it the history of Isis mysteries, of a plaster secret formulation, or of the secret number?

Toujours sur la page 77r, paragraphe C, le mot «chlchpsheey» peut être lu comme «kleipsisi9» κλεψ-ισιος. Κλεψ(ι )vient du verbe κλεπτω – voler, dérober, mais aussi cacher, dissimuler. Ισις peut être la déesse Ισις, une plante, un emplâtre ou le nom donné par Pythagore au nombre 2.

S’agit-il des mystères d’Isis, d’un emplâtre à la composition secrète ou bien du nombre secret ?


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  1. Just a general compliment – it is good to see willingness to openly share, and to be willing to engage in debate. The number of people who do this seems to be dropping – though whether people are bored with the manuscript or unwilling to have their ideas exposed to scrutiny, or some other cause I don’t know. What do you think?


  2. I think people are free to share or not to share. Otherwise it will not be fun.


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